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Introduction to Guangzhou City

Guangzhou is a center for politics, the economy, technology, education and culture. Located in the southeast of the province, Guangzhou is in the north of the Pearl River Delta near Hong Kong and Macao. It is the South China's central transportation hub and trading port as well as the "south gate" in China.

Guangzhou is a sub-tropical city close to the Tropic of Cancer with mild weather and abundant rainfall. The four seasons are evergreen thus Guangzhou's nickname: "The City of Flowers."

Since the beginning of the "Reform and Opening," in 1979, Guangzhou has remarkably implemented the policies of the central government and made aggressive changes. Thus, society has made great progress and huge improvements whilst the national economy has been developing steadily and fast, enhancing people's living standards.

Benefiting from its unique location, from its rich Lingnan culture dating back thousands of years, numerous historical relics, fantastic nightlife, prosperous commercial and modern service industries, Guangzhou has been listed as one of the most crucial Chinese tourism cities. Today Guangzhou is flourishing and innovation in its industries. The city is both a historic and tourism metropolis, which embraces visitors from around the world.

Guangzhou took pride in holding the 2010 Asian Games from November 12 to November 27, 2010. A total of 53 venues were used to host the events including 11 constructed for use at the Games. The design concept of the official logo of these Asian Games was based on the legend about the Guangzhou, featured a stylised calligraphic "Stone Statue of Five Goats in Yuexiu Hill", a symbol of the host city. The 16th Asian Games were unprecedented in both size and scale in the 59-year history of the quadrennial event. More than 10,000 athletes from 45 countries and regions have participated in a record 42 sports ranging from Archery to Chess.

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