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How to get to Southern Medical University?

The international airport in Guangzhou is called Guangzhou Baiyun International Airport (Chinese: 广州白云国际机场).

Metered or not? Generally speaking, legal taxicabs are metered in Guangzhou, and those are your first choice. But unlicensed cabs or called unmetered cabs are crowded over airport, and sometimes even legal taxi drivers waiting at the airport don't like to meter, especially when they carry a foreign customer at night. So you'd better to learn a reasonable fare range in advance.

Starting fare in Guangzhou all day is 10 RMB for the first 3 kilometers, and cost 2.6 RMB/ kilometer afterwards.

It's not customary to tip the drive.

How to reach Southern Medical University?

It is 26.9 Km far from the airport.

You can choose to take taxi or bus to get to the university.


It will take you 79 RMB and one hour to get to the university. If you arrive at night, and no driver would like to carry you with metering, you can pay him 90 to 100 CNY which is also seen as reasonable.

Airport Bus

Walk 60 meters to South Airport Station and take subway north extension section of Line 3 (bound to West Tiyu Road). Get off at Tonghe Station and get out through Exit D. Walk 60 meters to Tonghe Station and take No.29 Peak Express Line. Get off at Nanfang Hospital Station then you can find it.

Useful Expression:

English: Hi, taxi! Please take me to Southern Medical University. It's at No.1838 North Guangzhou Avenue, Guangzhou.

Chinese: 师傅,您好!请带我去南方医科大学,地址是广州市广州大道北1838号。

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