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Yangzhou (Huai Yang) Style Chinese Food

As the name suggests; Yangzhou (Huai Yang) Style Chinese Food originated in Yangzhou area of Jiangsu Province. It is now the cooking style of the whole eastern China region. Although also liked by people in other parts of the country, this cuisine is perhaps the least known outside China.

Because of the warm climate and fertile soil, this region of the county produces many kinds of vegetables and rice; and this helps form the style of the cuisine in this area. Though each town or area may have its own specialties, in general, this cuisine emphasizes, original stock and flavor and uses mushrooms, edible fungus, fresh and delicate vegetables and beancurd as main ingredients. Some of the best dishes are those prepared with local eel, turtle, and crab.

Stews are popular, particularly when prepared by the "red cooking" method-of cooking by means of stir-frying, roasting, stewing, etc. - in which food is stewed gently with stock and soy sauce. Different from Sichuan Cuisine which is hot and spicy, Yangzhou (Huai Yang) Style Chinese Food tastes light and crispy. "Colourful", "varied", "delicious", and "complex" are often used to describe Yangzhou (Huai Yang) Style Chinese Food. Great attention is paid to aesthetic appreciation of the food because the food should be good not only in flavour and smell, but also in colour and appearance.

Yangzhou is famous for its delicious food of unique styles. Just in front of the international students' lodge, there is a food street, where you can find good restaurants of Yangzhou (Huai Yang) Style Chinese Food, and, of course, other different styles of food, including good western food.

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