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Aware of being Cheated by Some Medical Universities Unapproved by MOE of China

Categories: Study MBBS   Time: 2012-01-07by: CUCAS

MOE approved MBBS programs

English Medium MBBS ProgramIn 2009, a Pakistani student was tricked into enrolling into an unaccredited MBBS program at a Chinese university. Lured by a deceiving advertisement posted in a Pakistani newspaper which claimed that the program had one of the lowest tuition fees in China, he was eventually forced to pay over twice the amount of tuition stated. Unsatisfied with the quality of teaching and the school's poor administration, he tried to transfer only to end up being unfairly dismissed by the university.

Stories like this are not uncommon. Since 2007, universities with unapproved English-taught MBBS programs have enrolled hundreds of international students. Many advertisements promoting studying in China are deliberately misleading or feature outright lies about the credentials of certain institutions. Although these schools are regulated institutions, their English-taught MBBS programs are in reality not accredited. The degree awarded is not even recognized in China, let alone in many other countries.

Please be aware of the following:

Firstly, China has 3000 higher education institutions, of which only about 600 have been authorized to admit international students. Of those 600, only about 200 are institutions of quality.

Medical Universities in ChinaSecondly, English-taught MBBS programs must have secured the approval of the Ministry of Education (MOE) before they can admit international students, even if the university itself has already been approved to admit international students. In other words, a university which has been authorized to enroll international students is not necessarily accredited to enroll international students on to its English-taught MBBS program. The MOE publishes an annual list of the programs it has approved. Currently, only 49 institutions offer MOE-approved English-taught MBBS programs.

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