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Doing Internship in China or Abroad

Categories: Study MBBS   Time: 2012-01-07by: CUCAS

Internship in ChinaWhen international students considering to China to continue further education with their medical studies, some of them will wonder that where they can do the internship after theoretical study. Generally, all the accredited medical universities which offer English medium MBBS program allow students to do the internship both in China and their home country according the regulation of MOE (China Ministry of Education). Students have the option to choose the practice location.

In order to provide individual unique opportunities to better understand China and practice the Chinese language communication skill, most of universities will suggest students to stay in China and finish their internship in the school affiliated hospitals. An internship in China is a life changing chance, exposing folks to a business surroundings and a culture far different from their own. Abroad China places each intern on an individual root and based on the intern's field Do Internship in Chinaof interest and qualifications. Furthermore, the universities have mature education curriculum and internship system with years' medical teaching experiences. The intern hospitals are well equipped which are all with Grade III, Level A and many of them have the world-class medical experimental instruments and laboratories. And there also are famous doctors and experts in medicine as students' personal advisor to conduct you to start the real medical exploration. Besides, the university will provide accommodation both on campus or near hospitals during the intern period. While, renting a house is also allowed near the hospital after signing a contact document with the school department.

To take part in a valuable professional experience, acquiring a unique knowledge of business and valuable understanding of China's market, China offers a unique chance for people from all over the world. Hence it provides some insight into the fastest rising economy in the world. There are plenty of reasons to come to China for an internship.

If students are persistent to do the internship in their home country, the designated hospital should be recognized by the Ministry of Health in their country. And the related proved documents about the hospital should be submitted to the school office, only being approved that students can be allowed to go back practice. However, the internship courses and procedures should keep pace with the school intern requirements. At the end of internship, students should go back the university with the internship certification and attend the graduation ceremony.

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