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General Information on Modern Medical Education in China

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Western medical education in China is among the most demanding in the world. It has developed rapidly since the founding of the People's Republic of China in 1949. The growth has been especially dramatic following the adoption of national reform and openness policies nearly 20 years ago.

In China, a strict entrance examination system has been introduced with a view to ensuring the quality of new entrants to universities. Medical program applicants are required to achieve the highest scores. Moreover, applicants' written evaluations from their high schools are also carefully reviewed as they serve as "letters of recommendation". In some schools, faculty members conduct interviews with candidates during which they check, among other things, the applicant's linguistic and intellectual abilities. Finally, a school dean's office or the students' affairs office provides written notification to the successful applicant. This serves as the official statement of registration to medical school.

Normally, the length of medical education programs in China last either five or seven years. After completing basic education, the majority of graduates are expected to go directly into medical practice. The five-year program is designed to produce future practicing doctors who are not only expected to have a knowledge and understanding of the basic medical sciences and possess certain clinical skills, but are also expected to have knowledge of preventive medicine. In the seven-year program, studies in the medical basic sciences and clinical practice are closely linked. The courses are spread over seven years and when successfully completed lead to both a Bachelor and Master degree. However, the applicants for the seven-year program must have a higher score than those applying for the five-year program and they have to meet certain additional criteria.

Chinese universities are world-class and their medical universities are equal to those of the US and UK. Many of them have exchange programs with universities in the US, the UK, Australia, Canada and other parts of Europe.

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