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My Impression on Life in Changsha

Categories: Life in China   Time: 2012-01-07by: Shadi Joulani

My name is Shadi Joulani. I'm from Palestine and came here for study. I have got a scholarship for bachelor study in Information Technology and Engineering in Central South University.

After I learned the Chinese language for one year, I started my professional study. After graduation I have got a new scholarship from school to struggle for a master degree in Computer Science. I have been here almost for 7 years.

Despite the strange weather here: bitter winter and hot summer, Changsha is really a very nice city which impresses every visitor. First I think for a city the most important thing is how the residents look like. It is well-known that the famous food in Changsha is 'Lajiao', spicy food, and local people, especially the female (''Lameizi'') are thus thought to be warm-hearted and their tongue is really the pen of a ready writer. I love Changsha food very much, very spicy though, especially 'Duojiaoyutou', which is my favorite. I love Chinese culture very much. Changsha is famous for its ''Huxiang Wenhua'', which is profound, ambiguous and with a wide range of meaning.
To tell you the truth, I couldn't be more satisfied with my life here. I didn't have any expectations like living in Paris or Vienna, having beautiful cars and villas but just leading a happy life. To live a simple, yet full of love life, that's my ideal life.

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