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Live a Harmonious and Happy Life in China

Categories: Life in China   Time: 2012-01-07by: Anonymous

Many people wonder what kinds of life lead those people of different countries, cultures and colors… Right away I am going to try to share with you some of the mysteries encountered in that colorful world!

At the beginning, those people were really, if not totally, a bit frustrated as everybody maybe when you reach a place for the first time. Many of them come from countries where the difference in time is longer than eight hours and tuning to the local one is really a headache, especially in the morning, for we have to give our teachers an excellent impression at the very first time. So, being late just because of sleeping a bit longer can't help much!

Rice is common in this world. I could bet even! But let's not forget that it has to be accompanied with other vegetables, right? Oooh! Those vegetables! But how to name them by this mysterious language? The brave ones will probably know how to say "ji dan chao fan". Hey, despite the differences stated above, the harmony between the people of that strange but very welcoming planet is one of the envied characters.

Caution! Graduation day is approaching with a giant step! Heaven again! How time flies!? What does the three, four or five years mean? Seems like a one hundred meters run, but it's true time to leave that colorful planet comes when nobody expects it to vanish so quickly.

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