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Visit to Affiliated Jiangmen Hospital of Sun Yat-sen University

Categories: Study MBBS   Time: 2012-01-11by: Anonymous

Dear Friends,

Yesterday some students of Sun Yat-sen University visited Jiangmen city to see the Hospital and living conditions.  They will choose to do their internship in Jiangmen. Here is the summary of that visit.

HOSPITAL: -The management and the infrastructure of the hospital are same like the hospitals in Guangzhou and the good thing is that the people are friendlier there.  We tried to talk to some doctors and intern students to get their level of English but it was not very good. But the hospital management assured us that they will provide good Doctors who can speak English and also they will be prepared before we go and start our internship there. But I think we will have to face the language problem in almost every city because even in Guangzhou some doctors cannot speak good English.

The hospital is good and the best thing is that you guys can do anything you want and you can get a lot of practice. There is a beach in front of the hospital where the doctors go for a swim once in a while; it is open for us anytime.

Internship HospitalDORMITORY:- Dorm is amazing, actually they are giving us the building reserved for some professors and guests. The rooms are good but smaller than ours and there will be 2 students in each room (they wanted to have 3 students but we told them that is not possible, so they will try to make it 2 people in a room). They will provide us the washing machine, hot water 24 hours, cupboards and study tables. A/C is already present in each room. The best thing about the dorm is that there is a lift in it and have library, dining hall and karaoke dance club all in the dorm.
At the end, the Jiangmen is a good city. Those students who went to see the place liked it very much. Furthermore, students will enjoy in that place because hospital will give more chances to the students to practice and the dorms are the best, no need to say anything.

For remaining three cities, the office said that they are better than Jiangmen. The office is not sure whether they can take us to all the cities or not but they promised to show us the pictures of the hospital and dorm in those cities.

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