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Experience the Unique City Culture of Dalian

Categories: Culture & Customs   Time: 2012-01-12by: CUCAS

History, Culture and Art

Dalian's strategic location on the Liaodong peninsula has blessed the city with prosperity and a unique cultural heritage. Unsurprisingly then, Dalian is home to a number of impressive museums, among them China's largest waxwork museum and the biggest martial arts hall in the world. For art lovers, the excellent Dalian Art Gallery, housed in an early twentieth century Russian building, displays the work of both local and foreign artists, while the Lushun Exhibition Hall is also well worth a visit for its extensive collection of traditional Chinese paintings and sculptures.


History buffs will no doubt be enthralled by the numerous museums which commemorate the city's fascinating past under foreign occupation. Port Arthur, used as a fort by the Russians and Japanese, is of particular interest because it remains one of China's most important military bases. If you really want to step back in time, take a stroll along the nineteenth century Russian Street, or tour Lushun Prison, which housed hundreds of dissidents during the early twentieth century. Meanwhile, a glimpse of China's ancient past can be found at the Tang-era Xiangshui Temple, built during one of the most celebrated dynasties in Chinese history.

 Parks and Attractions

One of China's most celebrated tourist cities, Dalian has enough attractions to enthrall not only visitors, but also residents. Dalian is perhaps most renowned for its fine beaches and beautiful coastal scenery. Popular swimming spots include Tiger Beach, Fujiazhuang Beach and Gold Pebble Beach. When the weather turns cold, visit the world's longest underwater tunnel at Sun Asia Ocean World and watch marine creatures frolic in the polar aquarium.


It's not only its coastal location which makes Dalian a famously laid back city; there are a host of other public spaces where locals can be spotted taking life easy – fishing in Fairy Lake, relaxing at An Bo Hot Springs or practicing Tai Chi in Renmin Square. The city's diverse array of parks include coastal parks, woodland areas and even a garden filled with enormous sculpted rocks. Amusement rides, landscaped gardens and a spectacular view of the city can all be enjoyed at Labor Park, at the foot of Lushan Mountain.

Traditional and Modern Architecture

By the time Dalian began building modern infrastructure, the city had already been exposed to foreign influence. As a result, this coastal village combines a rural Chinese atmosphere with a foreign flavor. European-style buildings in Dalian, including those around Zhongshan Square and Youhao Square, mirror the city's history - a combination of cultures.


Buildings in Dalian vary in style: ancient Roman, popular European, ancient Russian, Baroque, Byzantine, Japanese, and traditional Chinese. The most distinguished buildings are the Hope Plaza and the World Trade Mansion. The buildings in Dalian feature the styles of ancient and modern, elegant and romantic, and traditional and Western architecture. Walking along the city's streets, each building attracts attention for this mix of architectural styles. An example of the city's baroque architecture is the Dalian Hotel. The Dalian Natural Museum boasts Russian-style architecture, as does the Lushun Railway Station. Romania-style architecture is featured at Shengli Square

Five honors for Dalian

"The Capital of Romance" ------------ the brand of Dalian tourism
"The Bright Pearl in North China"-------the Gold Medal of Dalian tourism
"One of the World's Top 500 Cities of Excellent Environment"----------the highest honor for Dalian tourism
"Contest in Beijing, Sightseeing in Dalian"-----------the signboard of Dalian tourism
"National Garden City" ---------- Recognized by the Chinese Central Government

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