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Colourful Leisure and Entertainment Life in Shenyang City

Categories: Entertainment in China   Time: 2012-01-12by: CUCAS

The entertainment available in Shenyang is often compared to that of its sister city, Dalian, but in fact is similar to that found in most large Chinese cities. Nightlife options include karaoke, pubs, cubs and bars. The city's KTVs and bars are most popular in winter when venues such as the Bee House and Hongjie Disco Club get busy. The West Tower Karaoke City is a popular venue for singing the night away, housed inside one of the four ancient city markers. The entire area around the tower is known as Korea Town as it is home to the restaurants, shops and homes of the Korean immigrant community. Fantasia Dinner Theater encompasses a variety of performance styles every night from Chinese acrobatics to French cabaret, and visitors can head to the Liaoning Grand Theatre for a similarly wide program of pop concerts and traditional Chinese Opera. Here you can still enjoy the most authentic performances of Er'renzhuan, Yangge and other folk dances.


Though the city does of course celebrate all the usual Chinese festivals, it has four unique celebrations spaced over the year, which visitors should experience if at all possible. In summer, between July 25 and August 10, the city celebrates the Shenyang West Lake Lotus Festival as the fields of these beautiful traditionally Chinese flowers come into bloom. In autumn, the city celebrates its historical significance as the birthplace of the Qing Dynasty, with the Shenyang International Qing Dynasty Cultural Festival, by demonstrating imperial customs and throwing temple fairs. The Shenyang International Folk Dance (Yangko) Festival also takes place in the same month, when the ancient dances and songs of the region are performed over five to seven days. In winter, the Shenyang International Ice and Snow Festival is a showcase for ice sculptures from large statues to smaller ice lanterns, which light up the parks at night.

Recommended pubs

Irish Bar
Address: the first floor of Holiday Inn City Center, No.206, Nanjing Beijie

Address: No.37, Nan Sanjing Jie

Bee House
Address: No.220, Fengtian Jie Mulligan's, Nanjing N St 206 (5F of Holiday Inn). Many restaurants now brew their own beer, with surprisingly good results. This Irish pub-style restaurant has a Filipino band is playing M-Sa.

Don't Tell Mama (bié gàosu mā ma)

Xita St, in Korea town. Packed even on weeknights, this large Chinese-style club offers a constant cabaret-style variety show with over-the-top dance acts and live singing. One highlight is the male performers seem compelled to chug any quantity of beer bought for them, up to two-liter pitchers, in one go, without using their hands.

Sunny's Night Club

Re-opened in May 2008 with a bar area next to the disco. A popular spot for foreigners.

Sophie's World Bar

Er Jing St, Bawei Rd
Tel: +86 024 2282 6691
The oldest foreigner bar in town is like an institution for both expats and locals. Cheap alcohol, darts, soccer games on TV.

Recommended Cafes

VIGO branch: VIGO Shopping Center, Taiyuan Jie
Zhongshan branch: the first floor of Holiday Inn City Center, No.206, Nanjing Beijie
Zhongjie Road branch: 0101 Department Store, No. 205, Zhongjie Road

U. B. C. Coffee
Zhengyang Jie branch: Taiyuan Beijie, Heping District

Huigong branch: Zhonghan Dasha, No.124, Huigong Jie


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