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Enjoy Your Summer Resort at Dalian Beautiful Beaches

Categories: Travel in China   Time: 2012-01-12by: CUCAS

Dalian is one of China's top ten tourism cities. Surrounded by the sea in three directions, Dalian has a long coastline and is a famous natural harbor in China. It is among the "Best Tourist Cities in China" selected by the National Tourism Administration and the World Tourism Organization. Influenced by modern and traditional styles, the entertainment options available in Dalian include theme parks and traditional folk activities.

Golden Pebble Beach

Known as a "Natural Geologic Museum," the Golden Pebble Beach attracts tourists with splendid coves and rock formations on Dalian's outskirts. This Tourist Resort occupies an area of 62 square kilometers. The scientific development concept will be further implemented in Golden Pebble Beach in the near future, with plans to build the Changjiang Bay Wetland Reserve so as to establish Golden Pebble Beach as a national ecological tour pilot area with a more beautiful environment, and create a more harmonious relationship between humanity and nature.

Tiger Beach Scenic Area

The best-known scenic area in Dalian, Tiger Beach is located on the south coast of Dalian and borders a small bay. Like Xinghai Square, the area is heavily-touristed, with plenty of amusement-park activities and snack foods. For about 60RMB, you can claim a place on a motorboat and get a ride around the bay. If you're in search of a present for your younger brother, be on the lookout for little clay figurines that pee when you pour boiling water over them.

Sun Asia Ocean World

Sun Asia Ocean World, the longest underwater tunnel in Asia is a transparent oceanarium situated in the beautiful city of Dalian. Stretching over 118 meters in length, Sun Asia Ocean World will be a mind blowing experience amidst the marine creatures. Once you step on the automatic footpath you can have the scintillating sight of over 7000 rare aquatic animals of over 200 species playing around you. The mysterious and the very interesting aquatic world will gradually unveil in front of your eyes.


Dalian Discovery Kingdom

Dalian Discovery Kingdom is is the largest amusement park in Liaoning Province and was opened in 2006. The park has around 20 rides, including three roller coasters, two water rides, and a vertical drop tower. The most notable feature of the park is a giant stony-looking fortress built within a small lake in the centre. At noon every day, a parade roams through the internal paths and at night fireworks are set off for the departing visitors.

As an international metropolis, Dalian also regularly hosts splendid artistic performances.Another highlight of Dalian is simply chilling out on one of the beaches and sampling the local seafood. Learn more about places to visit in Dalian.

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