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How to get to Wuhan University?

Categories: Travel in China   Time: 2012-01-13by: CUCAS

Wuhan Tianhe International Airport (IATA: WUH, ICAO: ZHHH) (Chinese: 武汉天河国际机场) serves Wuhan, the capital of the Hubei province, People's Republic of China.The airport is located in Wuhan's suburban Huangpi District, around 26 kilometres to the north of Wuhan city center.

You are recommended to take a legal licensed taxi which goes metered. Taxis' starting fare in Wuhan is 6 CNY and cost 1.4 CNY for per kilometer in terms of within 7 kilometers; and cost 2.1 CNY for per kilometer over 7 kilometers. Night fare is 2.1 CNY per kilometer. It's not customary to tip the driver.

How to reach Wuhan University?

Wuhan University is located at Wuchang District while Tianhe International Airport is at Huangpo District which is on the other side of the Yangtzi River. So taxis must go across the No.1 Yangtzi River Bridge to reach Wuhan university and the toll (15 CNY) is paid by passengers apart from taxi fare. The total distance is nearly 16 kilometers.

By taxi

120-150 CNY by day. There are many unlicensed and unmetered cabs crowded at the airport, and local people sometimes take those "black cab” because they can get a lower fare which is about 100 CNY including toll by bargaining with the driver. As a new comer, you are recommended to take a metered licensed cab.

Airport bus + Taxi/Bus

Get off at Fujiapo Stop(傅家坡) and there are many buses heading for Wuhan University at cost of 2 CNY. You can also take a cab at Fujiapo and the fare will be around 20 CNY. The airport bus charges 25 CNY.

Useful Expression:

To taxi drivers:

Hi, taxi! Please take me to Wuhan University. It's at No.483 Bayi Road Luojiashan.

To airport bus drivers:

Hi, I will get off at Fujia Po station.

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