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How to get to Sichuan University?

Categories: Travel in China   Time: 2012-01-13by: CUCAS

The international airport in Chengdu is called Chengdu Shuangliu International Airport (IATA: CTU, ICAO: ZUUU) (Chinese: 成都双流国际机场). It is a major airport serving Chengdu, the capital city of Sichuan Province, China. It is located in the north of Shuangliu County, about 16 kilometres (10 mi) southwest of downtown Chengdu.

Metered or not? Generally speaking, legal taxicabs are metered in Chengdu, and those are your first choice. But unlicensed cabs or called unmetered cabs are crowded over airport, and sometimes even legal taxi drivers waiting at the airport don't like to meter, especially when they carry a foreign customer at night. So you'd better to learn a reasonable fare range in advance.

Taxicabs in Chengdu are divided into 3 levels according to the grade of the car. The cheapest ones are like Jetta with starting fare of 8 CNY and 1.9 CNY for per kilometers; the medium ones are like SAGITAR with staring fare of 14 CNY and 2.5 CNY per kilometers. Taxi fare is higher by 50% at night than that in the daytime.

It's not customary to tip the drive.

How to reach Sichuan University (SCU) ?

Sichuan University has 3 campuses, and international students are based at Wangjiang campus 望江校区. It's about 19 kilometers from the airport to SCU.

You can choose to take taxis or airport bus to get to the university.


30-40 CNY in the daytime with additional express toll of 20 CNY. If you arrive at night, and no driver would like to carry you with metering, you can pay him 60 to 80 CNY which is also seen as reasonable.

Airport Bus

Airport shuttle bus which is also known as bus No.303 which is a luxury large bus apart from normal bus and costs 10 CNY for one passenger. Take airport bus and get off at US Consulate where takes 15 minutes by walk to the west gate of Sichuan University.

Useful Expression:

Hi, taxi! Please take me to Sichuan University. It's at No.24, Southen Section1, 1st Ringroad

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