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How to get to Tongji University?

Categories: Travel in China   Time: 2012-01-13by: CUCAS

There are two international airports in Shanghai: Shanghai Pudong International Airport (IATA: PVG, ICAO: ZSPD) (SSE: 600009) ( Chinese: 上海浦东国际机场) and Shanghai Hongqiao International Airport (IATA: SHA, ICAO: ZSSS) (Chinese: 上海虹桥国际机场). Shanghai Pudong International Airport is the primary international airport serving Shanghai, China, and a major aviation hub in Asia while Hongqiao mainly serves domestic flights.

Taxis starting fare in Shanghai is 11 CNY and cost 2.2 CNY per kilometer. The fare is added by 30% during 11 pm to 6 am. You are recommended to take legal taxis which are metered and licensed.
It's not customary to tip the driver.

How to reach Tongji University?

1. From Pudong International Airport:

It's about 40 kilometers.

By taxi

130 CNY, 60-70 minutes

Airport bus No.4 + urban bus

Take airport bus route No.4 and get off at Wujiaochang Station (五角场), and then take bus No. 55 or 61 or 910 to the campus. Airport bus costs 20 CNY and urban bus costs 2 CNY. Total time will be about 90 minutes.

Maglev Train plus Taxi

Maglev train costs 40 CNY which is a 20% discount fare with your air ticket; get off at Longyang Road station and then take a cab which will cost you 40 CNY. Total time will be about 60 minutes.

2. From Hongqiao International Airport:

It's about 30 kilometers.

By taxi

70-80 CNY, 40-50 minutes

Bus No. 925 + Bus No. 123

Take bus No. 925 at the airport to get off at People's Square. And then transfer to bus no.123 to the Tongji University stop. It will cost you 4 CNY and 90 minutes.

Useful Expression:

To taxi drivers:

Hi, taxi! Please take me to Tongji University. It's at No.1239 Siping Road.

To airport bus drivers:

Hi, I will get off at Wujiaochang Station.

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