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How does a South African Student Become a Doctor?

Categories: Study MBBS   Time: 2012-02-15by: CUCAS

Are you a South African student wandering how to become a doctor? Scared by the high admission requirement and expensive tuition fee? Why not take a glance at the English medium MBBS programs in China universities? The lower admission requirement, relatively lower tuition fee, and internationally recognized degree have attracted thousands of African students to China.And many of the graduates have find a place in the reputable hospitals. To be a doctor, you can easily make your dream come true through the following steps:

1. Meet application requirements for English-medium MBBS program; African Medical Students in China

2. Choose a WHO recognized university in China;

3. Apply for the MBBS Program through CUCAS;

4. Apply for Chinese Visa with admission letter;

5. Come to China and start your MBBS studying experience;
(1) MBBS Course Study
(2) Do internship in China or your home country in the last year of study;
(3) Take the final examination on Theory Test and Clinical Evaluation before graduation
(4) Get the diploma and MBBS degree.

6. Obtain the bilingual notarization of the diploma and degree certificate from the South Africa Embassy in China;

7. Submit copies of certain documents to the EICS of ECFMG for degree accreditation;

8. Apply for the registration as a medical practitioner/dentist in the HPCSA and Board Examination may be necessary.

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