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An Experience to Get Letter of Acceptance from HPCSA Board

Categories: Study MBBS   Time: 2012-04-26by: CUCAS

A South African student Rowena Ungen, who studied MBBS in Shandong University, went to apply for taking the HPCSA exam but got refused. She asked for help from CUCAS, and we contact with Shandong University to resolve this problem, then she took part in the exam on April 24, 2012.

She wrote a letter to CUCAS to show her gratitude, "I Would like to take this opportunity to thank you personally and SDU for all your assistance. I cannot specify the amount of gratitude I owe to SDU and you for going the extra mile. I promise to set a good example and hold SDU name high in glory and fame in South Africa."

Rowena Ungen emailed us  to ask for help because her application to sit for the HPCSA board exam is not be agreed to. Because the curriculum of the course of study she sent to HPCSA Board was just a list of topics covered without content detail, the Committee for Medical Deans thought that it would be very difficult to do a proper evaluation. So she was requested to submit a detailed curriculum of the course of study, specifying courses, content of education (theory) and training (practical/clinical), duration and mode of examination/evaluation.

After we received her email, we spoke to Mr Sun of SDU who is responsible for international students’ application, and he has forwarded the case and the requirements of HPCSA to the teachers in the medical college. Then we told the student directly contact the medical college of SDU and at last Mr Sun of SDU emailed Rowena the detailed content of the curriculum as the HPCSA Board requested. Finally, Rowena received the letter of acceptance on Friday afternoon 20th April 2012 and sat for the HPCSA board exam on 24th April 2012.

We are so happy that through our help, Rowena finally sat for the exam, and we really hope that students who studied MBBS in China can know how to deal with this kind of problem and get acceptance on time.


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