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How can I pay the application fee?

CUCAS offers five kinds of payment methods, outlined below:
  • PayPal: Payments made through PayPal are safe, easy and convenient. If you have used PayPal in the past, please click the PayPal button on the webpage of "Make Payment" and follow the directions.
  • PayEase: PayEase is a simple, secure and user-friendly online payment platform, supports Master Card and VISA cards. To complete the online payment, you will be asked to select a type of credit card, and then to provide your credit card details, as the picture shown below.
  • Bank Transfer (T/T) Overseas: Applicants overseas can use a bank transfer to pay the application fee in US Dollars.
  • Bank Transfer (T/T) in China: Applicants in China can use a direct bank transfer to pay the application fee in RMB.
  • Western Union: CUCAS recommends applicants who cannot make T/T or PayPal payments use Western Union (especially African applicants).

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