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Fees & Payment (Online Application)

To apply to a Chinese university through CUCAS, CUCAS only charge minimum $50 service fee, for details, please check . And each individual university you apply to will charge their own application fee which CUCAS is authorized to collect on their behalf.

Application Fee
  • According to the agreements between CUCAS & China's universities, CUCAS does the collection of application fees for universities.
  • Paying the application fee (usually between 60 to 120 US dollars) is the prerequisite of an applicant getting the chance of enrollment.
  • Since universities in China only accept payment in RMB, CUCAS is responsible for the commission for a foreign exchange & remittance for universities.
  • The application fee for Beijing Language & Culture University is RMB 600 or RMB 800, the same as posted on its website. CUCAS converts Renminbi into US dollars on the CUCAS website for students' convenience.
1. CUCAS cannot guarantee the acceptance of your applications. Acceptance is decided by each university's admission officer on the basis of applicants' educational background. But we guarantee you will enjoy:
  • One-to-One Consulting
  • The free prices and the high quality service
  • Free Express Delivery of Admission Package
2. Tuition & accommodation fees will be collected by the university when you arrive and register. (Payment method will be outlined in your acceptance letter. All the universities accept cash in RMB. You can exchange cash at most banks in China.) More information about pre-departure and arrival can be found here.

Payment Methods
CUCAS offers the following five types of payment method. You will be asked to select one when you complete the online application form.
  1. PayPal
  2. PayEase
  3. Bank Transfer (T/T) Overseas
  4. Bank Transfer (T/T) in China
  5. Western Union
Please be reminded that your application cannot be sent to the school to process until the payment has been confirmed.
  • Tuition fees and accommodation fees should be paid directly to the university, not through CUCAS.
  • Please do not make a payment to any account other than the one publically stated on the CUCAS website.
  • CUCAS has not authorized any agent to receive payment on its behalf, unless otherwise stated on the official CUCAS website. 

1. PayPal

Payments made through PayPal are safe, easy, and convenient. If you have used PayPal in the past, please click the PayPal button on the webpage of "Make Payment" when applying and follow the directions. If you have not used PayPal before, you can create an account on their website.

2. PayEase

PayEase is a simple, secure and user-friendly online payment platform, supports Master Card and VISA cards. To complete the online payment, you will be asked to select a type of credit card, and then to provide your credit card details, as the picture shown below.

3. Bank Transfer (T/T) Overseas

Applicants overseas can use a bank transfer to pay the application fee in US Dollars.
Please bring your invoice when you go to the bank. Don't forget to leave your Application ID when you wire the money. It usually takes 2-3 weeks for the banking system to confirm an overseas payment.
Remember to access your application and upload a photocopy of your bank receipt, otherwise CUCAS will not be able to confirm your payment

CUCAS Bank Details
Account Name: Beijing Chiwest Co., Ltd.
Account No.:11001079900053005134
Bank Info: China Construction Bank, Beijing Br. Qinghuayuan Subbr.
Intermediate Bank Info: Bank of America, New York
Swift Code: BOFAUS3N
Fedwire: FW 026009593

4. Bank Transfer (T/T) in China

Applicants in China can use a direct bank transfer to pay the application fee in RMB.
If you are in China or you have a friend in China, you can pay your application fee in RMB through a Chinese bank. Please take the following bank information in Chinese when you or your friend goes to the bank. It usually takes 2-3 working days for the banking system to confirm the payment.
Remember to access your application and upload a photocopy of your bank receipt, otherwise CUCAS will not be able to confirm your payment

5. Western Union 

CUCAS recommends applicants who cannot use T/T or PayPal payments to use Western Union (especially African applicants).

Recipient's Information
Last name/ Family Name: REN
First name/ Given Name: HUIJUAN

Go to your nearest Western Union service provider. Fill out the form provided and show your government-issued identification card or other supporting documents to the service provider. You will be required to sign a receipt after you have verified all the details printed on the receipt are correct. One of the details printed on the receipt is your Money Transfer Control Number (MTCN).
Please upload the receipt with MTCN to make sure CUCAS can confirm your payment.

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