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Application Procedures (Offline Application)

To make the application process easier, CUCAS has launched a new offline application route-Apply via Email.

The steps are as follows:
1. Choose a MBBS program;
2. Click “Apply via Email” to download the fillable application form and documents;
3. Open forms in MS Word and fill in required information electronically, please make sure the information is accurate and correct to receive your JW 202 form;
4. Send us the completed form and other required application materials;
5. Pay the Application Fee, keep the receipt;
6.  Send us the copy of receipt, and the school will process your application once receiving your bank receipt;
7.  Check your application process via email periodically, and track with your admission status;
8.  Wait for your admission notice from CUCAS within 5 workdays, and the JW 202 form will send to you in 2-6 weeks;

Email Address for MBBS Application: service@cucas.cn

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