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There are 49 Chinese universities which are approved by China Ministry of Education (MOE) to enroll international students to study English taught MBBS program. All of them are either the national key universities with the tier of "Project 985" and "Project 211" or distinguished with medical education. Since most students aren't too familiar with China's universities and programs, we give some guide and instruction to help students choose a right university which suits you best.

Choosing a University with Low Tuition at a Budget City

The opportunity to study English medium MBBS in the governmental universities of India, Pakistan, America or other European countries nearly means impossible. For the rapidly rising demands is exceeded 30 Ningbo Universitytimes than the actual enrollment quota. And studying in a private college is so expensive that it is out of the reach of some students. Therefore, more and more students choose China as their first studying abroad destination to study medicine. Among the China's universities, although the general tuition is much lower than other countries, some are relatively low compared with the others different by location. Below we recommend some universities with good medical reputation and very low tuition.

Enjoy the World-class Medicine Studies at a Top University

These universities enjoy world-class reputations in medical education and their MBBS programs are amongst the best. As a result of China's on-going optimization of its educational system, since the 1990's, medical colleges or universities continuously merged into nonmedical universitiesFudan University to create "comprehensive universities". Since then, some formerly free-standing and famous medical universities were involved with other universities to become an affiliated medical colleges or a campus. However, it made progress in areas of medical science in China, especially those mergers involving China's leading schools. Students who study medicine in these universities will gain great experience in best medical education of top China's universities, and the graduate degree will also be globally welcomed.

Immersing in Sound Medicine Reputation University on a Fantastic Beautiful Campus

An enormous number of international students apply to study MBBS at these universities, not only because the first-class medicine education, but also the fantastic beautiful studying and living environment. These universities are all very famous, and they are the key comprehensive universities with tier project 985 or 211. The education quality rank top among China's universities and most of them are the first batch schools approved by MOE (China Ministry of Education) to enroll international students studying English medium MBBS programs. What's more, the campuses of these universities are very beautiful, such as that Wuhan University has the most beautiful campus in China. And there is an old saying "above is Paradise, and below are Suzhou and Hangzhou", while studying in Soochow University and Zhejiang University will be an unforgettable experience.

Soochow University

Studying Medicine at a University Specially Offer Medicine Education

In China, there are some universities with the special mission that aiming to cultivate excellent medical students. These universities are all listed in the oldest batch medical institutes in China, and first batch to enroll international students, and are qualified to launch MBBS programs with English medium. They are the key universities supported by MOE (China Ministry of Education), as well as the center for medical education, medical research, medical and healthcare service. Because dedicated in training medicine education for several decades, all the teaching and research facilities are well equipped among China schools. The faculties with rich teaching experience will make some adjustments according international students needs. They also offer extremely strong MBBS programs but competition for places is less fierce. If you have excellent academic results and are willing to accept a challenge, these universities are your best choice.

Dalian Medical University

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