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Visa Application for Pakistan Students

Chinese Mainland Visa

A Chinese mainland visa is a permit issued by the Chinese visa authorities to foreigners for entry into, exit from or transit through the mainland of China. Chinese Mainland Visa breaks into 4 categories: Diplomatic, Courtesy, Official and Ordinary visas. The international students who will study in China should apply for the X Visa (Student) of the ordinary visa. In case those who apply for the program out of deadline and the university promised to help you change your L Visa to X Visa after registration, students can apply for L Visa (Tourism/Family Visit) first.

How to Apply for Chinese Mainland Visa

Diplomatic passport holders of Pakistan are exempted from visa and may stay up to 30 days in the mainland of China. Official passport holders of Pakistan are exempted from visa and may stay up to 30 days in the mainland of China.

When applying for a Chinese mainland visa, you should basically submit:
1. Duly completed Visa Application Form (can be downloaded from this website), affix one recent color photo (30mm X 40mm).
2. Original passport with a validity of more than 6 months and minimum 2 blank visa pages, and photocopies of the first 2 pages (personal information) of your passport and recent Chinese visas if any.
3. If it is your first visit to China, you should provide your local police character/clearance certificate.
In addition to the above, please prepare following documents when applying for a different type of visa:

L Visa (Tourism/Family Visit)

Foreign nationals for tourism or family visit should guarantee their expenses in China. You should submit:
1. Your bank statement and round-trip tickets;
2. Invitation letter from your direct relative to visit;
3. Marriage certificate or relationship documents (original and photocopy attested by Ministry of Foreign Affairs Islamabad);
4. Inviter's photocopy of identity documents such as passport, identity card or residence booklet, etc.

For tourism in China, Pakistani nationals are encouraged to join a tourist group (more than 5 people), which should be arranged through a qualified local travel agency.

X Visa (Student)

1. Student Visa Application for Study in China (Form JW 202 or JW201, original and photocopy);
2. Admission Letter from your perspective university;
3. Physical Examination Record for Foreigner (to be attested by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs Islamabad. Blank form can be downloaded from this website);
4. Mark sheet/diploma (original and photocopy).


1. Generally applicants should appear in person with required documents, and may answer questions from the visa officer.
2. The visa officer can deny visa application running counter to Chinese laws and regulations, and has the right to change and cancel the issued visas.
3. New visa application form (Form V.2011A/B) should be used (downloadable from this website). The old visa application form will NOT be acceptable after 1 July 2011.

Visa Processing and fees

Diplomatic and Official passport holders of the third countries as well as Pakistani ordinary passport holders are exempted from visa fees.
Visa processing normally takes 4 working days. Express service takes 2 to 3 working days, and rush service means same day pickup.
Visa fees for U.S. ordinary passport holders:
1. Single/Double/Multiple Entries: Rs.10,400
2. Group Visa: Rs. 8, 000 per capita
Visa fees for other countries' ordinary passport holders:
1. Single Entry: Rs.2,000
2. Double Entries: Rs.3, 000
3. 6-Month Multiple Entries: Rs.4, 000
4. 12-Month Multiple Entries: Rs.5, 000
5. Group Visa: Rs.1, 600 per capita

Rush and Express Service Fees:

1. Rush Service (same day pickup): Rs. 2,000
2. Express Service (less than 4 working days):Rs.1,400

To download forms

1. New Visa Application Form of P.R. China (Form V.2011A)
(www.fmprc.gov.cn/chn/pds/fw/lsfw/qzjj/P020101228329274731425.pdf )
2. Instruction to Visa Application Form (Form V.2011A)
3. Supplementary Visa Application Form of P.R. China (Form
(http://www.fmprc.gov.cn/chn/pds/fw/lsfw/qzjj/P020101228333626471551.pdf )
4. Instruction to Supplementary Visa Application Form (Form V.2011B)
(http://www.fmprc.gov.cn/chn/pds/fw/lsfw/qzjj/P020101228343656938714.pdf )
5. Physical Examination Record

Contact Information

Email: chinaemb_pk@mfa.gov.cn

More details
Instruction on Chinese Visa from Embassy of China in the Pakistan

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