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Visa Application for South African Students

In accordance with the "Law of the People's Republic of China on Entry and Exit of Aliens" and other relevant regulations, the aliens who apply for Chinese visas are required to fulfill the following procedures:

1. Basic requirements

(1) One completely filled out visa application form; all blanks on the application form should be filled in with genuine information;
(2) One recently taken 2X2 inch photo showing entire face and without a hat on. Please affix the photo to the application form;
(3) Original passport with at least 2 blank visa pages and valid for at least 6 months beyond the date of application.

2. A Brief Introduction to Chinese Visas

Tourist visa (L- visa)
There are single-entry (valid for 3 months) and double-entry tourist visas. Multiple-entry tourist visa can only be permitted by the Embassy on applicant's particular situation.
a) The latest 3 months bank-statements with adequate money.
b) Hotel reservation in China;
c) Round-trip ticket booking;

Study Visa (X-visa)
a) Qualified original JW202 Form issued by the relevant Chinese Government or authorized departments and original Admission Notice from the receiving school with the seal and signature;
b) Notification of admission from the receiving school;
C) Physical Examination Record for Foreigners, if the applicant intends to stay in China for more than 6 months.

3. Other Requirements

The applicant born in China who applies for Chinese visa for the first time with his or her new foreign passport is required to submit his or her Chinese passport or old foreign passport.

4. The Embassy is entitled to request the applicant to provide other relevant documents or to reject the application in accordance with the Law and international practices.

5. Applicants are required to check the documents carefully. You will bear all the responsibilities if you do not complete the visa application form truthfully.

6. Payment

From 3 May 2010, the Embassy of the People's Republic of China will not accept cash payment for visa/ passport/ notarization/ authentification fees.
Applicants are kindly required to:
1) Do deposit or bank transfer into our account in FNB;
2) Pay through a speed point machine in our office at collection window;
3) Pay by cheque in our office at collection window (cheque payment are not recommended because the process of cashing may take long). Payment should be made before the date of collection so that we can verify with the transaction history of our account issued by FNB. Please note that payment on the date of collection may result in passport/visa releasing declined.
For collection, applicants are required to present the Pick-up Form and proof of payment.

7. Visa Fee

1 entry visa R.250
2 entry visa R.380
Multiple entry visa valid for 6 months R.500
Multiple entry visa valid for one year R.750

8. Collecting Date

Normally the visa may be issued on the fourth working day from the date of the application. You must present the Pick-Up Form and proof of payment when you come to get your passport back. Only with the consent of the Embassy can it be expedited but you are required to pay extra rush fees.

Collecting on the next working day R.250
Collecting on the third working day R.170
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Guide to Chinese Visa Application from Embassy of China in South Africa

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