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Practical Chinese in Daily Life

Say Hello

1. 你好! Hello.
2.再见! Bye.
3.谢谢! Thanks.
不客气! You are welcome.
4.对不起! Sorry.
没关系! That's all right.
5.早上好! Good morning. 下午好! Good afternoon. 晚上好! Good evening.
6.多少钱? How much?
7.请问…..? Excuse me.
8.能帮我一下吗? Could you do a favor, please?

At the Airport

1.请给我您的护照。May I see your passport, please?
2.请问去哪里可以打出租车? Could you please tell me where can I take a taxi?
3.请问去哪儿去取我的行李? Where can I get my baggage?
4.您知道去哪里坐机场大巴吗? Could you please tell where should I go to take the airport shuttle bus?
5.去哪里坐机场快轨? Where should I go to take the Airport Express?
6.请问洗手间在哪里? Where is the bathroom?


1.(Take a taxi) 你好,去大连医科大学。Hi, please take me to Dalian Medical University.
2.(Bus) XXX站到了吗? Is it XXX station?
3.一张票多少钱? How much for a ticket?
4.去故宫怎么走?How can I get to Forbidden City?
5.避免堵在路上,我们坐地铁吧。Shall we take the subway instead of sticking in traffic jam?
6.车打表吗? Is it metered?
7.去机场怎么走? How can I get to the airport?
8.在这里停车吧。Please stop. I'm getting off here.
9.从这里到学校要多长时间? How long will it take to the university?
10.上线班高峰期时间很堵车。There is a heavy traffic jam in the rush hours.


1.多少钱? How much does it cost?
2.我要这个。I'll take this.
3.我想试试这个。I'd like try it on if you don't mind.
4.太大了。It is too big.
5.感觉不太合适。It doesn't fit well.
6.能帮我找个大一点儿号的吗? Is there any other larger size?
7.我不喜欢这个颜色。I don't like this color.
8.这件衣服有其他颜色吗? Is there any other color in this coat?
9.有零钱吗? Do you have any change?
10.要袋子吗? Do you need a plastic bag?
11.大的还是小的(袋子)? A big plastic bag or a small?
12.一共多少钱?How much should I pay in total?


2.你是哪里?Who is that speaking?
3.不好意思,我现在很忙。Sorry, I am very busy now.
4.一会儿我给你打过去。I will call you back later.
5.您打错电话了。You must have wrong number.
6.我电话没电了,可以借您的电话用一下吗? Could you please give me your cell phone? Mine has run out of power
7.抱歉,我听不懂。Sorry, I didn't understand.
8.再说一遍好吗? Pardon?
9.你能再说一遍吗? Would you say that again?
10.通讯效果不太好。We have a bad connection.
11.我听不太清楚你说的话。I can't catch what you are saying.
12.请讲大声一点。Please speak a little louder.
13.请说慢一点好吗? Would you slow down, please?
14.能帮我转分机211吗? May I have extension two-one-one?
15.请帮我接人事部好吗? Could you put me through to the personnel department, please?


1.一共几位?  How many persons?
2.我们一共6个人?  We are a group of 6.
3.请给我们菜单。May I have a menu, please?
4.你们的特色菜是什么? What's your specialty?
5.两碗米饭。Two bowls of rice.
6.在这儿吃还是带走? Will you eat here or take it out?
7.我可以坐在这里吗? Can I sit here?
8.开个人发票。Please give me the personal invoice.
9.要三瓶啤酒。Three bottles of beer, please.
10.服务员,结账/买单。Check, please.
11.您有2元钱吗? Do you have 2 yuan? (Supposed that it costs RMB 152, mostly the waitress will ask you like this if you pay RMB 200. So they will give you back RMB 50. 12.请加一套餐具。Please give one more sort of utensils.


1.去哪里报到? Where should I go to register?
2.去哪里交学费? Where should go to pay the tuition fee?
3.明天几点上课? What time is it for tomorrow class?
4.我真要累死了。I'm really dead.
5.我觉得汉语学起来很难。I found it difficult to learn Chinese.
6.我觉得语法最难。The grammar is the most difficult to me.
7.明天有考试。There is an exam tomorrow.
8.真的吗? Really?
9.真是那样吗? Is that so?
10.你帮了大忙。You are a great help.
12.看情况吧。That depends.

Time and Date

1.现在几点了? What time is it?
2.今天几号? What's the date today?
3.差五分8点。5 minutes to 8 O'clock.
4.10点半。Half past ten.
5.明天下午5点见吧。Shall we meet at five o'clock tomorrow?
6.不好意思,我迟到了。I'm so sorry I'm late.
7.不好意思,我赶时间。I'm sorry I'm in a hurry.
8.来不及了,我要走了。It's too late, I have to go.
9.你来这里多长时间了? How long have you been here?
10.千万别迟到。Please don't be late.

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