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Difference between First Batch and Second Batch approved MBBS institutions by MOE

Shanghai Medical SchoolFor structured manage China's English medium MBBS education forinternational students, Ministry of Education, China (MOE) published the strict regulation, known as "Provisions for Quality Control Standards on Undergraduate Medical Education in English for International Student in China" and has been implemented since 2007. And MOE will evaluate all medical universities each year and announce the newest approved school list to public. Only the universities in the list have the qualification to recruit international students to study English medium MBBS program. Otherwise the obtained degree from unapproved universities will not be recognized either by MOE or your own country, even ineligible for any medical licensing examination.

Are the universities approved to enroll international students studying English medium MBBS program for first batch much better than that approved for second batch or else? This is may become another concerned question in most students' mind. The answer objectively is yes, but there are also some exceptions. There are only 30 Chinese institutions that have the qualification to enroll international students to study MBBS in 2007, but 6 of them had zero enrolments number. Therefore, actually 24 Chinese universities are eligible to open the English medium MBBS program for international students. All of them are comprehensive multi disciplinary Medical School in Chinagovernment institutions with well equipped teaching faculties and excellent hostel facilities. Furthermore, some are the national key universities with the school tier of "Project 985" or "Project 211". Also there are some medical universities specially offer medicine education with years' teaching experiences. Such as Jilin University, Shandong University, Huazhong University of Science and Technology, Sun Yat-Sen University, Southeast University, Zhengzhou University and etc. And due to the strict review and evaluation conditions, each year, there are only one or two new institutions to be accredited by the China MOE. So whether the first batch approved universities or the second or else are all the best medical qualified universities with the globally recognized graduation certificate. Moreover, students who obtained the diploma are eligible for any Medical Screening Test hold by MCI, PMDC, PLAB, USLME and etc.

If you plan to have further medical learning experience in China, choosing any one of the listed approved universities is recommended. Study English medium MBBS program in a best Chinese medical university and make your doctor dream become realistic.

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