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Important Notice for Intending Pakistani Medical/Dental Students

PMDCIn recent years, thousands of Pakistani students swarm into China to seek for the MBBS degree, holding a dream to become a doctor after graduation. Compared with Pakistan, China seems to be an ideal cradle for doctors with lower admission requirements and relatively cheap tuition. Some agents even said they guarantee that the candidates can get their admission letters no matter which grade they got in the secondary education. CUCAS reminds the intending MBBS candidates to carefully choose their majors and medical institutions for some medical graduates shall not get registration because of their unqualified marks in FS.c or equivalent.

PMDC announced the rules saying: A Pakistani student wishing to take undergraduate course in any foreign medical or dental institution should approach the National Examination Board Section of PMDC for issuance of a No Objection Certificate before proceeding abroad. A student with less than 60% marks in FS.c or equivalent is not eligible to pursue basic qualification in medicine or dentistry (MBBS or BDS or equivalent) aboard.

The council shall not register those unqualified students as medical/dental students and they cannot get registered as medical/dental practitioner after graduation from any Pakistan or foreign medical/dental institution.

CUCAS also reminds that only graduates from medical schools listed in the directory of medical schools published by either WHO, IMED, FAIMER or AVECINNA are eligible to apply for the Eligibility Certificate to appear in the NEB examination and get provisional / permanent registration.

So students with less than 60% marks are advised to choose other hot degree programs, such as Engineering, Economics and Management, Computer and Information Science et,. CUCAS is willing to help you on the application road to China universities.

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