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study medicine in ChinaPasanga, a 26-year old student from the Pakistani capital Islamabad came to China in 2007 to study medicine in Harbin. He hopes that after graduation he can become a doctor because, he says : “In my country, doctors are in very short supply.”

He recalls his internship at a remote hospital on the Pakistan-Afghanistan border during his summer holiday. He described blood-stained sheets and drips made of beer bottles. “When I saw this, my heart broke … poor hospital facilities aren’t something one person could fix on their own, but a good doctor could at least reduce medical accidents.”

After returning to China, he continued his studies with a new zeal, setting a study goal for each day. His current focus is stitching, which he practices for three to four hours a day. He says “By improving my basic skills, I can help more patients in a short period of time.”

When asked whether he plans to stay in China to practice after graduation he answers “I know that in China, I will be able to learn cutting edge techniques,  and the quality of life here is good, but I still want to go home, to help those in need… My medical career might take me to the remotest parts of the world, but as a doctor that is exactly where I am needed most.”

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