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CUCAS Reminding on MBBS Application

MBBS ApplicationAfter CUCAS's confirmation at the beginning of March 2012 with Chinese universities, all the spring intake MBBS programs in China have closed their enrollment. But the autumn intake MBBS programs in 25 WHO recognized medical universities have started their online application via CUCAS.

CUCAS reminds you to apply as soon as possible, for the early applications are preferred due to the limited vacancies. In addition, March, April and May are hot months for MBBS application, so the teachers will process your application quickly. You will also receive the admission letter and JW202 early, which provides adequate time for visa application and departure preparation. About the problems frequently occured in the application procedure, we have some reminding for the applicants.

Important Notice on Admission Requirement

1. A passport is necessary for application. It's good that the application deadline in some universities like Zhengzhou University and Jiangsu University can be extended to September or October, so you may obtain the passport in time to make application;

2. The minimum requirement for admission is: high school graduate or equivalent; no less than 60% scores in science subjects (Physics, Mathematics, Chemistry, and Biology), English transcript or certificate on English proficiency (necessary for students of non-English speaking country). O level holders or those who failed in science subject especially Chemistry or Biology are not eligible to apply;

Reminding on Application to Fudan University

Application for MBBS in Fudan University is rather fierce, and the application procedure is strict. When make application, please pay attention to the following points:

  1. Download the Self-test and finish it in required time and correct the papers by yourself. Applicants who cannot achieve enough scores (Mathematics>60, Physics>18, Chemistry>18) in the self-test are not encouraged to apply. When you apply, you need to upload the finished self-test exam papers;
  2. The required English proficiency is TOEFL score 90 or above or IELTS score 6.5 or above (only for students from non-English speaking countries);
  3. Please fill in your Chinese name with Chinese characters, for it is a must for application. If there's no, your application will be refused;
  4. Please do fill in the application forms with correct and complete information, especially the required, such as fill in your educational background from junior middle school, and confirm whether you are immigrant from other country. If the form is incomplete, the application procedure can't move on;
  5. When the application is confirmed by the university, we will send you the forms in electronic edition. And after signing, please send us the required application documents by mail or express delivery. The documents should be received by April 6, 2012, or it will be considered as a waiver of application.
Last but not least, pay close attention to your mailbox. All the issues about application will be informed via email anytime.

Anymore question, please contact service@cucas.cn. Best of luck with your application!

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