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Hot Questions about MBBS Application

MBBS application has entered the peak season and the competition for vacancies of MBBS program is getting tense. It’s better for students, who want to study MBBS in China in this autumn to make application as early as possible, for the earlier, the more choices and the bigger chance to get admission. In view of the hot issues occurring in the application, we gathered the most frequently asked questions for your reference.

1. Will I be eligible to take the medical examination in my home country?
Yes, all the medical schools offering MBBS in English medium are listed in the medical school directory of WHO. After graduation, you need to take the board examination held by the medical council in your country. And before that, the medical council may need to do an evaluation of your academic experience.

2. Can I do my internship in my country instead of China?
Most of the universities allow students to do internship in China, their home country or other countries, but some requires that the internship must be done in China, like Huazhong University of Science and Technology, Zhengzhou University, and Sun Yat-sun University etc for they can assure the quality of hospital and clinical practice.

3. Do I need to provide the HSK certificate or take Chinese courses during my study?
Since the MBBS programs are taught in English, you do not need provide HSK certificate, but you need to provide English proficiency test certificates like TOEFL or IELTS etc if your native language is not English. During your study, there will be Chinese language programs provided by the university.

4. Are the holders of O level and A level eligible to apply for this program?
Holders of A level are eligible while O level is not permitted.

5. How to apply with SAT scores?
You should submit the scores of SAT 1 and SAT 2 (including physics, chemistry, biology) together.

6. My age is under 18, can I apply?
If you get 18 when the program opens, then you can apply. In addition, the minimum age for MBBS applicants in Southeast University is 16.

7. I’m 30 years old, which university will accept me?
Generally the age limits for MBBS application is between 18 and 24, but China Medical University and Jiangsu University can extend it to 30 years old.

8. I will get my diploma in August, but the application deadline is in July, what should I do?
You can apply with your current transcript you have and it would be better to provide predicted incoming transcript. And since you have not got your high school graduation certificate, you need to provide an enrollment statement which indicates the school you are studying and the time you will get your graduation certificate. This statement should come from the school with its stamp on it.

9. I didn’t take chemistry (physics or mathematics or biology) courses in the high school, can I apply?
Applicants without Chemistry or Biology, or Mathematics scores are not eligible to apply, but some university can accept students without scores in Physics, like Huazhong University of Science and Technology.

10. I have got my bachelor’s degree, how should I apply?
If your undergraduate study includes Chemistry and Biology courses, then you can apply with your bachelor’s degree certificate and transcripts during undergraduate study, whereas, you need to provide high school diploma and transcripts.

11. Is there halal food in the university?
Yes, there’s halal food in each university and the food in China is diverse, you can find halal dinning hall on campus and out campus.

12. Which university offers MBBS program with shortest duration and lowest tuition fee?
The MBBS program is Central South University is the shortest-5 years, and the last second is Zhejiang University whose MBBS program is 5.5 years. The tuition fee in Weifang Medical University is the lowest-RMB 18,000 per year.

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