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2012 Fall Enrollment Status for MBBS in China Universities

The quota of MBBS in Wuhan University is full, and you can not apply MBBS in Wuhan University now!

The tuition fee for MBBS in Weifang Medical University is lower and cheaper than MBBS in other universities, and if you study MBBS in another university for one year, Weifang Medical University may consider you as a MBBS transfer student if you do well in academic performance, but you need to provide academic transcript, teaching curriculum and transfer acceptance letter issued by your university.

MBBS program in Dalian Medical University, Chonqing Medical University and Sun Yat-Sen University don't accept students from South Africa. If you are interested in studying MBBS in China, you can apply MBBS in other universities, like Huazhong University of Science and Technology, Weifang Medical University, Nantong University etc.

Many students care about internship in the last year. Students can choose to do internship in China or in your home country, and the internship fee in some universities is half of the tution fee, while in other universities just the same with tuition fee. And you can not get paid during your internship in China.

Applicants for MBBS in most China universities must be 18 years old or above. If you are under 18 years old but still want to study MBBS in China, you are eligible to apply MBBS in Guangxi Medical University and Southeast University.


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